My Dogs


TORI – THE CHARACTER Tori is fearless and sweet. The horses allow her to put her head through the fence and share their grain. She stands up with her paws on the fence to “give them a kiss”. She has never shown agression and they are not afraid of her. Tori never greets anyone without a toy. She makes us smile and laugh everyday with her antics. Tori received her AKC Conformation championship at 15 months when she received 10 points and 3 majors in two weekends. She received her Grand Champion title at 2 1/2 years. Tori’s OFA hip certificate is “excellent”. She will be the foundation bitch of our breeding program.

IVAN – THE FARM MANAGER Ivan is my first Bullmastiff. He was bought as a pet and fulfills that role remarkably well. He is sweet and sensitive —and accepts NO NONSENSE from the horses. He herds them to their feed troughs and assures that there is no fighting or agression. Ivan is a UKC conformation champion and had 10 AKC conformation points before he was retired from this competition. He has his AKC Rally Novice and Advanced titles and is working on Rally Exellent. The general public thinks Ivan is an awesome looking dog and often ask about an Ivan puppy. He is small for a male Bullmastiff and a little shy, therefore I decided not to breed him and he is neutered.

Diva is our newest addition. She was the first born & only female in Tori’s first litter born August 28, 2012. She mimics her mom by always having a toy when greeting anyone. She thinks grain and hay are her treats and the horses are her buddies. Diva has started her show career & is doing well with 3 points gained in the puppy class.