The Breeder

Rita Pucci M.D.
Breeder of AKC registered Bullmastiffs & Member American Bullmastiff Society


I have been breeding Thoroughbred horses with my husband for 17 years. My husband helped his father, a veterinarian and a breeder of Miniature Schnauzers for greater that 20 years. We have a clear understanding of acceptable breeding programs and regard the animals and their offspring as our main responsibility.

I have great mentors who are Bullmastiff breeders and will always seek advice regarding my dogs.

I am passionate about this breed. My goal is to produce quality conformation dogs with personalities that are outgoing and non-aggressive so that the pets will make great family dogs.

I will always stand by my puppies with a guarantee. They will have a home with us if for any reason their owners can’t take care of them.